Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A ROBIN'S WINTER - More Family Kindle Books "LIVE"

This book, in the style of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, spins the life and times of a lad who grew up in a hamlet on Saginaw Bay. Born and raised in Linwood, Michigan, Richard La Flamme was a loyal, patriotic 'Linwoodite' who lived there his entire life.

Richard is my brother-in-law, m wife Carole's brother. Carole and I decided to publish his book in 2001.

Richard began writing his book one-winter evening in 1994, sitting in his favorite easy chair in front of the living room fireplace. He never married. It was important he leave behind something tangible.Rich reminisces about his early life, his "buddies," his family, his relatives, Boy Scouts, Military service, volunteerism and his travels.

He decided on the title A ROBIN'S WINTER because he related to the hearty robin that refused to leave his nest during harsh cruel winters, who loyally stayed behind instead of migrating to warmer climates. Wherever he traveled, Rich always returned to his nest by the bay ... Where he remained happy and content all the days of his life. He passed away in 1999 not seeing his book in print but family members picked up on his desire to leave something behind and published the book in 2001 ... as he wrote it.